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of 5 million iPad Mini tablets this quarter, while White predicted Apple would sell 30 million units of the diminutive tablet in Apple's fiscal year 2013, which started Sept. 30,cheap retro jordans,, 2012, and runs through late Sept. 2013.
Most analysts see the iPad Mini as Apple's answer -- albeit not a direct one -- to the smaller, cheaper tablets sold by Amazon and Google,amass denver, and a prime component of its strategy to stymie rivals' sales.
White said there was evidence that Apple was, to some extent, doing just that.
"In our exit survey,wholesale cheap jordans, 48% of the respondents did not own a tablet previously, versus 52% that owned a tablet," said White on Monday. "Of those [who] owned a tablet,cheap jordans, 68% owned an iPad and 32% used a non-iPad tablet. Apple appears to be tapping into new iPad customers with the lower-priced iPad Mini."
The iPad Mini is priced between $329 and $529 for the Wi-Fi model. The 3G/LTE-capable iPad Minis will be sold at prices from $459 to $659. In the U.S., the cellular models will be available for AT&T's,wholesale cheap jordans, Sprint's and Verizon's networks.
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