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« Last post by 3xh5ou9fc2 on May 09, 2017, 06:33:56 AM »
allowed voters "to look first-hand at my judgment." And he said "you need judgment for people,cheap pandora bracelets, for deals." Trump chose Pence in July after days of very public ruminations about whom he should select as a running mate. Pence squared off with Democrat Virginia Senator Tim Kaine in the lone vice presidential debate. Trump will hold his second debate with Hillary Clinton on Sunday in St. Louis. ___ 3:30 p.m. Mike Pence is making a pit stop ― that is,cheap pandora jewelry, barbecue pit stop ― in the northwest Virginia city of Harrisonburg. Pence stopped at the Bar-BQ Ranch,cheap pandora jewelry, a roadside restaurant where a sign proclaims: "Pigs are beautiful." Pence and his daughter Charlotte -- followed by Secret Service and press --grabbed pulled pork sandwiches,cheap pandora rings for sale, topped with coleslaw,cheap pandora charms for sale, and worked the late lunch group at the 68--year-old joint popular with the James Madison University crowd. Pence poked his head through the order window and said: "I've heard you got some good barbecue here." Pence stopped to talk to Gerald Spence,cheap pandora rings for sale, a JMU math instructor. Spence congratulated Pence on his debate performance against Tim Kaine the night before. He said: "You laid some good ones on him." Pence replied: "I did my best." ___ 2:21 p.m. Donald Trump is praising his running Mike Pence's performance in the vice presidential debate. The Republican nominee, speaking Wednesday at a church in Las Vegas, said he was "very proud" to watch his running mate square off against
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General discussion / lopt tcu cheap pandora charms for sale 744
« Last post by 1wz5ou9rv3 on May 08, 2017, 10:40:13 AM »
SAO PAULO (AP) ― Brazil's president predicted Thursday that Latin America's largest economy would emerge from a deep recession next year to "defeat the crisis,cheap pandora bracelets," even as unemployment jumped yet again. Brazil's economy has contracted for six straight quarters, and the IBGE statistics bureau reported Thursday that unemployment in the three months through November rose to 11.9 percent ― nearly 3 percentage points higher than it was during the same period last year. After the figures were announced,cheap pandora jewelry, President Michel Temer told reporters that he was very concerned with high unemployment but said his government's reforms would start to turn the tide in the second half of next year. Congress has already passed a spending cap to address a serious deficit, and a reform to the social security system is making its way through the legislature. The government has also proposed a labor reform. Temer said 2017 "will be the year that we defeat the crisis. ... We think, according to economic projections,cheap pandora charms for sale, that from the second semester of the coming year, it is very likely that unemployment will fall as a function of the measures we are taking." Economists expect Brazil's economy to return to growth next year, but perhaps only by a small margin. Unemployment, however,cheap pandora bracelets, generally lags behind in economic rebounds, and Brazil's rate could rise further before it turns a corner. Thursday's data showed 12.1 million people are out of work. The rate is the highest since 2012, when Brazil changed how it measures unemployment. Unemployment has repeatedly hit new highs since May of last year. Partially because the economic situation is so dire,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, the government's reforms so far have won broad support in Congress. But a slow drip of scandal has plagued Temer's administration,cheap pandora jewelry, which began when the previous president was impeached and removed from office this year. Temer is now facing increasing calls for his own impeachment, and he could be removed from office if a court finds him guilty of accepting illegal campaign contributions. He denies the charge.
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General discussion / Im happy I now signed up
« Last post by Genia39558 on May 08, 2017, 10:12:37 AM »
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« Last post by 9m38we2c2i on May 08, 2017, 07:21:05 AM »
Three professors (two from Dartmouth, one from UCLA) have published a paper (PDF) showing why many pundits believe that the recount favors Al Franken. It mostly comes down to what are often called "undervotes" (although these three professors complicate the terminology and call them "residual ballots." Read the full paper if you need to know why.) If you are just tuning in, "undervotes" is a term that became familiar during the Florida recount of 2000. It refers to a ballot that, when read by the vote-counting machine, registers a valid vote in some races but not others. Did the voter intend to skip a race,, or simply make a mark that the machine couldn't read? In the current case,cheap retro jordans, the relevant ballots were mostly those that registered a preference for president but none for senator. Apparently there were more than 30,000 such ballots that registered no preference in the Senate race. The vast majority of these will turn out to be exactly what the machines first thought they were — ballots cast by citizens who intentionally left the Senate portion blank because they didn't want to vote for any of the candidates. It's no secret, for example,cheap jordans online, that Barack Obama was more popular than Franken (or else we wouldn't be having this recount, now would we?) Some Obama voters simply didn't vote in the Senate race. An additional clue, according to the three professors, is that the concentration of such undervotes was high in precincts with a lot of African-American voters. But some of voters who cast those approximately 34,000 undervotes surely tried to vote for a Senate candidate (this is confirmed based on the first night of the recount) but made a mark on the ballot in the Senate race but the machine didn't read,cheap jordan shoes, presumably because they didn't fill in the oval thoroughly enough. In many of these cases, the visual examination of the ballot will determine the voters' intent and someone will gain a vote. If 10 percent of the undervotes turn out to show discernible voter intent, that would be plenty of votes to change the result, depending on the breakdown of the newly counted votes. The next step in the analysis is knowing where these undervotes were concentrated. The three professors analyzed those precincts and found that they were mostly areas of DFL strength in the last two elections. Therefore they concluded that the majority of the undervotes that turn out to be countable will be votes for Franken. They imply but do not state that this will be enough to change the outcome. And this is only an educated surmise. Bear in mind,cheap jordans, in addition to the undervotes, there are those absentee ballots that were rejected. We don't know yet whether the Canvassing Board will look at those ballots to see whether some of them should be counted (as the Franken campaign has asked) or whether they will be subject to court action that follows the recount.
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« Last post by 9m38we2c2i on May 08, 2017, 07:17:37 AM »
to hire underemployed people and put them to work on a $600,wholesale cheap jordans,000 program of habitat restoration along streams flowing to Lake Superior. Trout Unlimited got $100,000 for habitat upgrades along the Sucker River. The state’s Department of Natural Resources got $285,,000 to inventory conditions along Superior tributaries as a prelude to a 25-year restoration plan. Such small projects rarely make headlines beyond the local papers,cheap jordans, if that, so maybe we shouldn’t expect much media attention when they’re threatened. It’s a bit of a different story over in Toledo, where GLRI money is helping to address the causes of algal blooms that shut down the city’s water intakes in the summer of 2014. “It is hard to imagine a more perilous time for the Trump administration to abandon efforts that protect and restore our Great Lakes,” U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur told her hometown paper, the Toledo Blade. And,cheap jordans, yes, she’s a Democrat, but likely will not have to struggle to find Republicans to join her in opposing the cuts. The GLRI’s bipartisan support has sustained it through other recent assaults on the EPA and its programs, including a GOP-led effort to impose merely an 80 percent cut on the GLRI appropriation back in 2013. This was beaten back so handily, and by resistance also GOP-led, that John Flesher of the Associated Press described GLRI and its mission as “a 94,cheap real jordans,000-square-mile exception to the Republicans’ crusade to starve the federal beast.” For all their indignation about government overreach,
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« Last post by 9m38we2c2i on May 08, 2017, 07:13:11 AM »
regional poetry prizes, the Lindquist & Vennum comes with a $10,000 award and publication by Milkweed Editions. Courtesy of the artistCaitlin Bailey “Solve for Desire” began as an imagined letter from Grete Trakl, an Austrian pianist, to her brother Georg Trakl,cheap jordans, a poet. Bailey was drawn to Grete’s story, which is often eclipsed by Georg. Bailey’s book will be published in November and a public reading will be held around that time. The picks Tonight (Thursday, April 20) at the Dakota: Lizz Wright. When we made this a pick on Tuesday, we didn’t know what we were talking about. All that about Lizz Wright being a fabulous singer is true,real cheap jordans retro, but she’s doing way more Prince-acknowledging than we knew. (The last live performance Prince attended was hers at the Dakota on April 18, 2016.) Along with mining her own catalog, Wright will sing songs Prince loved by Joni Mitchell,, Bob Dylan,cheap jordans for sale, Jimi Hendrix, Meshell Ndegeocello and others – plus a selection of Prince hits and rare tracks. One set only at 7 p.m. Tickets $50-60. Call 612-332-5299. Photo by Jesse KittLizz Wright Tonight at the Fitzgerald Theater: The Thread Live with David Grann. A New York Times best-selling author and award-winning staff writer at the New Yorker, Grann is author of “The Lost City of Z,cheap jordans online,” which was made into a movie that opened MSPIFF and is now in theaters. His latest is “Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI.” American Public Media’s Stephen Smith will host. 7 p.m. FMI and tickets
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« Last post by 9m38we2c2i on May 08, 2017, 07:09:40 AM »
by injuries last year. Danilo Gallinari,cheap jordans online, newly acquired Wil Barton and Gary Harris provide outside shooting to create space for Jokic and Kenneth Faried (an inconsistent and ill-fitting piece who should be traded if possible) and Wilson Chandler returns from injury to shore up the defense. They’ve got talent, youth and cap space,cheap jordan shoes, and are waiting for Mudiay to fill the missing link. If he does, they vault to 8th. 12. New Orleans Pelicans (Fifth in the Southwest) A year ago, the Pellies felt playoff-bound on the strength of superstar Anthony Davis and the arrival of coach Alvin Gentry. But Davis and his crew endured a slew of injuries,real cheap jordans retro, Gentry seemed remarkably befuddled,cheap retro jordans, and Pellies won just 30 games. Unless AD’s body will allow him to be consistently transcendent (that’s still his stratospheric ceiling) and Gentry coaches with the aplomb he showed in Phoenix, New Orleans will again languish away from contention. They will miss point guard Jrue Holiday, on indefinite leave caring for his ailing wife, and by now it’s clear that swingman Tyreke Evans will never surpass his 2009-10 rookie season. Sharpshooting rookie Buddy Hield will help make up for the loss of Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson, and forward Solomon Hill is a good glue-guy acquisition. But even in a weakened West,cheap jordans, fair-to-middlin’ won’t get you to the postseason. 13. Phoenix Suns (Third in the Pacific) It always feels like the Suns have a glut of guards, even when they’ve given away Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thomas in recent
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« Last post by 8hs0jnc3k1 on May 08, 2017, 07:09:09 AM »
When I first read Originals I couldnt help but take notes. What I jotted down was essentially a to-do list for how I could be more creative,cheap air jordans, how I could think up and then communicate new ideas. More content below this sponsor message But the book — written by Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania — is not just a guide for adults. Its pages are littered with interesting advice on how teachers and parents can encourage and cultivate their kids to be original, too. Grant writes about the importance of getting kids to take risks, to embrace their own curiosity and to be confident in where their minds wander. So how can adults create spaces and cultures of originality to breed these new ideas? In the book you talk about how taking risks can lead to original ideas. So how can parents facilitate risk-taking with their kids? Well,cheap jordans, I think one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of parents make is they spend all their time enforcing rules,cheap jordans for sale, and Im guilty of this. Every time one of my daughters misbehaves,, Im like,cheap air jordan shoes, "New rule!" And then I dont end up doing a whole lot with it. Stay up-to-date with the latest news,real cheap jordans retro, stories and insider events. Youve signed up to receive emails. Please check your email for a welcome confirmation. But the sad thing about rules is that they dont teach kids to think for themselves. And kids try to figure out how they can either avoid taking risks altogether, or to take risks that they can get away with. As opposed
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