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that were taxed by the law include what might first come to mind ― cutting-edge, expensive items like artificial hearts or ultrasound machines. But the category also includes more everyday items, like crutches and bandages (though an exemption built into the law excludes from the tax items that are marketed to the general public and not primarily intended for use by medical professionals only). The U.S.,cheap retro jordans (http://www.airjordanshoesreal.com/), the world’s biggest health care spender, is also the world’s leading market for medical devices: the sector accounted for $110 billion in business in 2015, and is projected to grow by another $23 billion this year. As of 2014,www.airjordanshoesreal.com (http://www.airjordanshoesreal.com/), U.S. firms accounted for two-thirds of the total revenue collected by the world’s top 40 medical device firms,www.promdressok.com (http://www.promdressok.com/), with Germany in a distant second. The economic footprint of Minnesota’s medical-device industry goes beyond those directly employed by medical device firms,airjordanshoesreal.com (http://www.airjordanshoesreal.com/), too. The industry’s supply chain and broader ecosystem supports as many as 100,cheap real jordans (http://www.airjordanshoesforcheap.com/),000 jobs in Minnesota, according to Medical Alley Association, the state’s leading trade group for the medical technology sector. Medical Alley estimates that the industry generated $3.8 billion in economic impact, which it defines as total wages paid to industry employees. The story of how Minnesota grew into a medical technology powerhouse began in 1949,real cheap jordans retro (http://www.promdressok.com/), when the global giant known as Medtronic set up as a medical repair shop in northeast Minneapolis. Other big companies sprouted up in the Twin Cities area in the
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